Bands, Attended pt. 1: Video Age

15 yards to the left of the stage, I could feel the excitement of local New Orleans band Video Age bubbling up within each crowd member seconds into the first track. The concert, which took place on Nov. 11, 2016 in LBC Pocket Park blew my *slightly* inebriated mind. If you went, you probably don’t need much of an introduction. Ross Farbe and Ray Micarelli engulfed the crowd with warm, synthy grooviness with only a couple of speakers and amps. Video Age’s interesting aura features dance pop sensibilities, psychedelic rock, and a heaping spoonful of new wave.

The marriage of chorus pedal and synthesizers in mainstream rock died a little after the 1980s, but has since come back in a big way. Mac Demarco, and Tame Impala are some trailblazers in this Lo-Fi surge of 80s tones and sensibilities. That being said, this “slacker rock” is a genre of its own, taking a more apathetic, grimy approach. Video Age is especially unique because of the seemingly effortless way their music flows. Farbe’s wonderfully haunting vocal melodies pair perfectly with the warm guitar, synth medium and Micarelli’s active grooves.

Their only full length LP, “Living Alone” is themed to resonate with the college student (or anyone, for that matter) leaving home for the first time, and it is flawless. Because it was recorded on tape instead of digital, the album is very evocative of Mac Demarco. With some of the most refreshing choruses of 2016, I’ll let tracks like “Throwing Knives” and “Regulars” speak for themselves. My personal favorites include “Virtual Man,” a gloomy track with an addictive lead guitar, and the beautifully Bowie-esque “Love Sick”.

Doing a little research led to find articles on the band on some pretty legit sites… they were even featured on USA TODAY, ranked next to giants like Kanye and Usher for “Best Songs of the Week.” These guys are getting recognized, so attend as many intimate shows as you can before they blow up. Farbe and Micarelli’s last band “Native America” is also some top-notch shite.   

These boy-os have crafted some of the finest slacker rock to date, and they’re based right here in the Big Easy. They’re young too, so there will surely be more to come. Follow them on Instagram, buy their records…do what ya gotta do! These guys are very cool and deserve some more support in their home city.



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