You’re Living in Atlantis

New Orleans will be underwater within the next century because of rising sea levels. 80% of coastal land loss in the United States occurs in Louisiana, and almost all of that is caused by anthropogenic sources. Canals cut through the wetlands to facilitate oil drilling on the Louisiana coast have weakened and caused fragmentation of the habitat, not to mention that the diversion of sediment that would normally fill out the wetlands is halted by the levees.

If you love this city and want the next generation be able to know what it feels like to live life under live oaks with jazz music playing in the streets, there’s still hope. Extreme carbon cuts and moving to renewable energy could save this city, but with the new Administration squashing environmental funding, our future is more uncertain than ever.

>> Land Loss Projection to 2100

>>Stand up to using funding from unsustainable sources at Tulane with DivestTulane

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