Tragedy Strikes one of Tulane’s Favorite Soxedo Workers

On the night of Jan 31, 2017 Tiffany Thomas was shot and killed inside her own home. Tiffany was known for working at Bruff making the omelets that students wake up early just to get in line for. Though many students felt a personal connection to her since she was one of the first people they would interact with every morning, nothing seemed to be done or said for her by the larger community as a whole. Not only was there a lack of acknowledgment on this specific incident, Tulane seems to shield us from the violence that surrounds our bubble. The amount of gun related incidents doubled in January of 2017 from January of 2016. There were seventy-five people either killed or wounded by gunfire just in the first month of the new year. This means there have been about two victims a day.

This is not only evidence of a raise in violence in New Orleans, but also a trend seen across the country. These numbers seem to line up with the results of the presidential election and the topics that arose during the process. While gun control was discussed at length, in the end it seems there will be no change to attempt to restrict who gets access to the dangerous weapons. It is also clear that people feel more comfortable being outwardly hateful and violent because that’s the message they are receiving from those in power. While the murder of Tiffany Thomas was incredibly close to home for those of us at Tulane, these incidents are being seen all over the country and too many families are facing the loss of loved ones.

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