Bands, Attended pt. 2: Angel Olsen and Chris Cohen

On Feb. 4, 2017, musician and singer Angel Olsen played at Republic NOLA in New Orleans, Louisiana. Prior to her emergence on stage, her opener, Chris Cohen, put the anxiously awaiting audience in a trance, transforming seemingly simple melodies and lyrics into a whirlwind of unforgettable and completely captivating sound.

Both Olsen and Cohen brought something to the table that was unexpected and not in direct accordance with the jazzy New Orleans classical vibe. Instead, their hauntingly beautiful sounds introduced the crowd to a style of music that echoed the respective styles of slacker rock and indie folk. The combination of goofiness and sheer talent that both Cohen and Olsen demonstrated at the concert was eminent as soon as they stepped on stage, Cohen starting off with a bang, then followed by Olsen. We at The (Monthly) Usher *highly* recommend that you check out these up and coming musicians…they’re bound to be big one day!

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