Hanna Leace: Off the Porch Designs

Only three weeks into the 2016-2017 school year, Tulane freshman Hanna Leace ’20 put her incredible talent for sketching and strong street aesthetic to good use – all it took was some sugar, spice and just a little bit of everything nice and out came Off the Porch Designs. Leace’s passion for both art and fashion, along with some healthy encouragement from her friends at school, led to the incredibly innovative and artistic brand she has created. Off the Porch is a grime and grunge-themed t-shirt design company targeted towards the relaxed, low-key college student and is run completely out of Leace’s dorm room.

Most of her clients are Tulanians, as she often sees students around campus or at the Boot wearing her celebrity-gone-zombie inspired shirts. Each white, oversized men’s shirt is a canvas to showcase her artwork, with a different zombie-style drawing on the front. With a background in retail, as well as a strong influence from her hometown of Miami (especially the Art District), Leace loves how happy her customers are with the street-art style of the t-shirt line. She described the experience of creating shirts and seeing them out in public as, the most exciting experience:

“I’ve never felt anything more satisfying than running into someone completely random wearing my shirt at the Boot,” Leace commented, “[I am] overflowing with joy, cheesing so hard, hug them and have a moment.”

This type of excitement is only the beginning in a long career ahead of Leace, although she said she wasn’t sure whether or not she wanted to “go commercial”. Mostly, she makes her shirts for the input and feedback from others. Even some fraternities on campus, for example, have asked her to do specific designs. For now, at least, Leace says she will continue to be art-driven, but will eventually dip her toes into the fashion world.

For more information about Off the Porch Designs, check out her website, offtheporchdesigns.com and her intagram @offtheporchdesigns. As for inquiries, feel free to reach out to Leace personally at offtheporchdesigns.com. Treat yo self, my dude! Buy one of the ~sickest~ shirts out there!

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