Hey, Tulane…Let’s talk about our issues

Tulane’s got issues, and we all know it. The first step to fixing those issues is getting the administration to acknowledge them when they’d rather keep their heads up their asses- so, in no particular order, here are just a few things our dearly beloved school needs to work on.

  1. It’s Too Damn White

Fitts, baby. Geographic diversity is NOT true diversity. Tulane needs to actively reach out to students of color. Higher education in America has always walked hand-in-hand with white privilege, and even beyond trying to avoid participating in systematic racism, it’s frankly necessary to have students of color around to call out any white students on individual or group-led racist behaviors (see: KA’s Trump Wall).

2. We Live In A Bubble

This one has as much to do with us, the students, as it does with administration. If it plans to keep taking so many out-of-state students, it needs to get down on some serious education about New Orleans culture. This could also be fixed by reaching out more to prospective students in the New Orleans area, something Tulane is not fantastic at.

3. It’s Too Much Goddamn Money

This is a problem across the country, not specific to Tulane. Higher education is priced as a luxury and viewed as a necessity. BUT imagine how incredible it would be if Tulane could stop spending on extraneous stuff (see: Yulman Stadium ) and put that money toward making tuition affordable for people without yacht club memberships. Sure, it’s cool to have rich alumni to fund your new stadiums, but it’s way cooler to be committed to providing education across the board.

4. Engineering And Math Departments

Engineering and math departments? What engineering and math departments?

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