Drug Awareness: what you NEED to know!

Cannabis, that ~good kush~, herb or some mary jane! Just take a hit! Who needs the stress of finals when you have some pot? You’ll feel happy and carefree! Or is this just what peer pressure tells you? Weed may seem like no big deal but suddenly you’re addicted to meth and living on the streets.

Thinking of rolling at your next music festival? Think again! Once it kicks in, you’re gone and there goes only one day if you’re lucky. Why not sit back and read a book with your grandma? More productive and much less exciting in a healthy and safe way that leaves the rest of your life open for opportunities.

A special drug created just for the special population of kids living life in daddies deep pockets. We know exactly where your monthly allowance is going! While you’re avoiding the drug, might not be a bad idea to stay away from the soda, too!

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