NOLA ladies in the arts

Work by Catherine T. Nelson

“This is a piece from one of my first bodies of work, my beginnings as an artist.  It was an experiment in manipulating event photography from Mardi Gras balls, debutante balls and other society events my family took part in.  I felt very unsettled by the power dynamics I was discovering underlying these events and was processing it with these layered drawings.”



The text reads: Mind like a paper trap (or) tell me a story from when you were seven.


“This is a zine, made more recently, in collaboration with puppeteer Milissa Orzolek.  She’s interested in “fresh” stories, stories people haven’t told before that come out unpracticed and raw.  She asked me a series of questions to illicit a story I hadn’t told before, and together we developed this shape and imagery from the story to access the feeling of remembering something for the first time – fragmentary but detailed. Here’s a video link to it being manipulated.”

Work by Amelia Wiygul

The phases of a poem:



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